Meet Your Photographer


Read a few fun facts about me! Lets start getting to know each other! 

I am a desert rat. 100% born and raised in Southern New Mexico. I love cacti, green chile, and all that goes with it. Despite my love for the desert, my heart belongs in the mountains. I love the forest and I know I will one day end up on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, living my best life. 

I am a third semester nursing student and I am soooo looking forward to graduation. I am hoping to go on to become a certified Nurse Anesthetist. 

Riding horses and Rodeo is my passion. I have been competing since I was eight and riding since I could sit. I know I will ride and own horses until the day I die. 

I have seen every episode of Friends at least four times and now that it is off Netflix, I am going to PIVOT over to a different streaming service... (excuse my corny joke)

Most of all, I am a pretty adventurous person who likes to just have fun. If you are similar, you are my people. I can't wait to meet ya!

Hi Friends!

I'm Raquel!

Your new professional third wheel. I am a full time photographer and college student who loves meeting and working with new people! 

When I'm not behind a camera or studying for nursing school, you can almost always find me on the back of one of my horses. 

I started my photography venture about three years ago right when I was about to graduate from high school. My boyfriend was actually my first "senior model". One afternoon, I decided to pick up my moms camera and go for it. Little did I know, that starter camera kit would have such an impact on my journey. From then, I shot everything, my friends and my cousins modeled for me and honestly, probably hated me for making them take soooo many pictures, but what can I say, a love was born. 

I practiced and practiced and finally decided to go for it. I started my business, quit my job at the university, and decided to throw all my focus into school, rodeo, and of course, photography. Although I love to shoot all types of moments, I found my calling as a couples and wedding photographer.   

Lets get together and make some magic.